Art as Therapy


Jill King: Artist, Facilitator and Crystal Queen

I have been on a path of awakening since 2008, and have many gifts to share. My path awakened when I was diagnosed with MS in 2008, I had been symptomatic for many years. After this diagnosis I fell into a deep depression and finally climbed out onto the other side in 2010. My views of life changed drastically and I wanted to live more fully with joy by creating art and assisting others on their paths to better health and mental well being. My background began in Art Education which then evolved to School Counseling. Additionally I have studied Asian Massage, Gemstone Therapy as well as I am a Certified Gemologist and Reiki Master. I consider myself a life long learner and always interested in learning new things to help broaden my knowledge.

I created "Art as Therapy" to assist others in processing feelings and freeing up their inner creative self. It's been a great outlet for people to socialize, process, create and just let their creative self come to the surface.

My passion for art is shown in a variety of mediums. I have never been someone who can just focus on one style of art. I create whatever catches my interest or inspires me. Nature has always had a huge influence on me in everything I create. My preferences for media are photography, jewelry, painting, and anything with crystals.

Learning and experiencing new things can bring so much joy, abundance and new energy into your life. I am eager to assist you with creating a crystal grid, jewelry making, repurposing, visual journaling, or experiential painting sessions.

What Can a Crystal Grid do for You?

Crystal Grids are a special arrangement of crystals and stones used with intention to assist in manifesting a desired result. They harness the energy of groups of crystals and can create a shift in energy while bringing about a desired change. Crystal Grids can be used for healing, protection, prosperity, love and really anything!

Crystal Grid Layout

A crystal grid can be laid out in any type of pattern. The base for this one is natural wood in a seed of life pattern. I typically use 6 of each stones spaced equally apart with one larger center stone. There is no incorrect way of doing this, go with you intuition!

Crystal Grid


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