18 Oct
I met Jill King at the Twain Harte Artist Festival in the hazy summer heat at the end of July. The entire day had been ripe with synchronicity and a manifestation of being in the right place, at the right time. I walked through the stalls viewing beautiful art works, sampling tasty jerky, hot sauces, and salty-sweet popcorns, and witnessing the flourishing community before me. I came across Jill’s booth and immediately wanted to share her works and insights with you all. 

Jill is a crystal grid artist. She harnesses and amplifies the energy of crystals, arranged in geometric patterns, to help her clients address their own energetic and wellness needs. Below are her words on how she started with this modality, her path to working with crystals and grids for herself and then clients, and how intention is at the heart of her work.

With abundant color,

Eithera Brand

My love of crystals and rocks began when I was a child. I spent hours each day exploring the woods outside my home. I remember clearly the first, tiny quartz crystal I found on my parents property as a child. I still have it. As a child, finding these crystals was much like finding the perfect treasure. My love for playing with these objects never waned and continued to resonate throughout my life. Once in college, I found a tiny garnet in Arizona while hiking one afternoon. Upon finding a rock that had a cluster of pyrite crystals, or fool's gold, I spotted one with a dark red, shiny dot and upon closer examination discovered it was a tiny garnet. The excitement of finding my treasures, even as little as this one was, has always brought me such wonder. These discoveries continue to fuel my interest in crystals and every time I hike, I scour the ground and search for the next piece, for my delight.

Working with crystals became a natural outcome of my love for them. I started working with crystals in 2008, during my own personal healing journey, after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had been taking what seemed like unending injections for about a year, and was tired of this routine. Feeling unsupported by Western-medicine, I started looking for alternative therapies that could assist me. This exploration led me to acupuncture, and then upon recommendation, to Homeopathy, an understanding of healing where like heals like, or Naturopathy, understanding of healing that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, massage, etc.

Once I started, I visited multiple energy healers, reiki practitioners, crystal healers, etc. to tackle the imbalanced energy in my own body. My self-care journey continued for many years as I sifted through what worked for me and what did not. As always, I was drawn again to the power of nature and was called to it, to help me through my own ailment. Through this journey I discovered the power of crystals, and intention and how they can assist us in manifesting more good in our lives! 

We all are looking for more positive, healthy, energy in our lives right? There are many ways we can utilize this healthy energy and one way is to work with crystals. We adorn ourselves with them, use them in art works, create crystal grids with them and use them as decorations by placing them around our homes, etc. They bring beauty, intentionality, and focus and can change the energy and harmony in our atmosphere.

I find that everyone has their own personal healing journey and tools that resonate. Everyone is different in this way. Your own journey may be based on beliefs, faith, recommendations from your network and friends you trust. It may include working with healing practitioners, and may be led by gut instinct or intuition. As a lifelong learner I am always finding new avenues of things to try, but I always come back to crystals as my rock and the foundation for healing my body. 

Crystals are a tool, much like Vision Boards. Think of the movie The Secret, when that came out, Vision Boards were a very popular way to use intention to manifest things you desired. It is a powerful tool, but there are many tools out there to assist us in achieving our goals and desires. By putting intention towards your goals, it can take you far. I find that for me personally, crystal grids are one of my favorite tools to use, along with wearing gemstones in necklaces.

So how do I work with crystals?

I work with crystal grids to intentionally manifest with my clients. Crystal grids are patterns created using multiple crystals that are designed to help manifest within and amplify an area of your life like: money, health, wellness, protection, relationships, happiness etc.  The crystals used in the grid are not random but are carefully chosen to create the energy to manifest your intentions. The design is often based on the principles of sacred geometry, or a belief that certain geometric patterns have divine aspects and incredible power when utilized. When the crystals are arranged properly, their energies are combined, amplified, and supported. Therefore your intention and specific needs become more focused and expanded.

So what training did I have to get here?

I have taken many classes to become a certified crystal healer along with learning about gems from a scientific approach. I am also a Registered Gemologist and Appraiser.  My love for gemstones is apparent when you walk in my home. I have gemstones in every room, I wear hand knotted beaded crystal necklaces everyday that I have created or that I have purchased. I can’t leave my home without a necklace, I enjoy the support they provide me on a daily basis. Additionally, I hold a California Certified Massage Practitioner License, and have also been trained as a Reiki Master as well.  I am very familiar with energy work and other modalities that I use along with crystals for healing my body, mind and spirit.

Creating a crystal grid with clients

When a client would like to manifest something in their life, I often assist them in creating a crystal grid that amplifies their intention.  We discuss what the most important thing in their life is at that moment, then I go over what crystals would assist them in bringing that desired change. I feel it is important for the client to choose what resonates with them personally. The energy, color, how it looks and feels is very important in crystal selection.  After they choose their crystals, we select a style of grid. Sometimes they make their own using paint, stencils or drawing one by hand. If they prefer to use a pre-made one, I recommend a wood board in a sacred geometry pattern such as the Flower of Life. I instruct them how to lay their crystals on it in different patterns and then we can add other items to their grids such as a handwritten note with their intention on it as well. The final step is to activate the grid. We use a quartz point or other pointed crystal to amplify the intentions and to charge it full of positive energy and movement! There are so many variations when creating a grid, there is no right or wrong way to create one! I like to remind my clients to use their intuition or what “feels” good to them. It is fun to see what ideas each client comes up with, and how they make their grids so unique to fit their individual needs and interests.

How can gemstones assist you?  

As an example, I like to use the power of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a more widely available stone, and easy to find. A great portable way to bring in the energy of rose quartz is to wear it as a necklace. Wearing a full, hand-knotted, beaded necklace can assist the wearer with the following: self love, heart healing, bringing more love into your life, improving relationships etc. Rose Quartz is useful for the 4th or Heart chakra when balancing energies in the body.  Some people find that even just carrying a small stone in their pocket has beneficial effects for them too. 

I invite you to learn more about gemstones and the power they have to heal and manifest what you desire to change or enhance in your life with me. If you want to learn more please contact me at crystalover3@gmail.com or my website https://www.jill-king.com to discuss how we can use a crystal grid to amplify your intentions in your own life! 

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